AI and Games Presentation

It has been almost two years since I left Brazil to follow my dream and work exclusively with game development.

In this meanwhile I was programming and leading teams in mobile projects, from services (updating, porting, etc.) to creation (prototypes and full game implementations).

For a couple of times I had the need/chance to implement AI related stuff, as it happened in the Tour de France Mobile Game project. In this game I created a hybrid AI that mixed Expert Systems and Neural Networks.

The results were so great that I was presenting the project in many places, representing Playsoft. The last one was in the 3camp 2014 event (in Gdańsk/Poland) and I showed the concepts for Path-Finding and Neural Networks, using some examples and TDF game as a study case.

Here’s the presentation, have fun: AI and Games / Examples

Additionally, you can watch the presentation here:  Watch on Vimeo

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